We’ve all ‘borrowed’ at least one item of clothing…right?

Boyfriend jean is the most popular term to describe the habits of visiting a closet that is not ours. Other items that have made the trends are vintage pieces, boyfriend blazers, oversized shirts, granny glasses – the list is quite long actually. A result of my sneaking around in my family’s closets is this gorgeous knitted jersey.

This cosy knit is from my mother’s wardrobe. What I enjoy most about oversized clothing is how versatile they are. Some days this turtleneck jersey is a dress with stockings, sometimes it’s a top and other times it’s both.

This particular jersey has been with me through many style transitions. I painfully recall putting a thick stone coloured belt at the waist to ‘give it some shape’. It didn’t take too long to notice that the sagging rolls look better in every case.

Lately I’ve been enjoying wearing this jersey tucked in high waisted skinny jeans. A definite favourite is also pairing it with these blue jeans from the men’s section.

These combinations are simple but still make a simple statement – winter is here!

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